Meet Penny

One Robot, Versatile Tray System

Customers get a better experience.

In our pilots, roughly fifty percent of diners said that Penny improved their restaurant experience. This is because Penny lets servers focus more time providing service and addressing diners needs, improving customer service, and reducing wait time.

Employees walk and lift less.

Servers walk 5-9 miles a day running food and bussing. Our robots afford servers time and energy toward better customer service.

Owners have dependable staff 24/7.

Penny is the employee that you can always count on and will run up to 12 hours per charge. Our robots help restaurant owners retain their best employees by making their daily work sustainable. Running a restaurant should be less stressful and we believe Penny can help.

Product Spec

Double-tray: 445 x 430 x 1046
Single-tray: 445 x 430 x 810
Number of Trays
2ea, 16 inch trays
1 bus tub
(optional) drink tray / extra bus tub
Battery Life
8 - 12hrs
Charging Type
Wall charger
(Input 100~240V AC 3.5A 50/60Hz,
Output 28.6V DC, 8.0A)
External tablet or attached touchscreen

Key Features

  • Nimble Indoor Navigation

    Agile, accurate, and accident-free self-driving tech for crowded restaurants.

  • Versatile Tray System

    One adept robot can be turned into a food running bot, a drink service bot, and a bussing bot using swappable trays.

  • Remote Monitoring & Support

    On top of in-person support, Bear Robotics will provide remote troubleshooting and generate usage reports via a cloud system.

  • Robust Battery Life

    Penny’s long-lasting battery means it can take on your night shifts, morning shifts, peak hours, and everything in between!

  • Multi-Robot Traffic Control

    Using more than one Penny in a large venue? Our tech coordinates multiple robots to work simultaneously and efficiently without extra monitoring.


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